Cancellation/Return/Refund Policy


1.1 No cancellation request will be entertained once tracking number has been generated or for Pre-Order Campaign

1.2 For cancellation request before the tracking number generated, all the amount will be credited to your Wallet in this website or credited to your bank account within 7 working days after we received the screenshot of your bank details that included the bank account number and bank account holder name. You need to email the details to [email protected] and stated together your Order ID. The refund to your bank account will only be processed once we have received the details from your side.

1.3 In occurrence you decided to not proceed to be refunded to your bank account, you may utilized the refund amount credited into your Wallet in this website to make other purchase and order via this website.

1.4 Please consider wisely before you place any order with us via this website as we don’t entertained joy buyer


2.1 – No return of order will be entertained as we believe you has decided to purchase the desired product by your own as we believe that you has read all written information & fully agreed before any order and purchase has been made

2.2 – As for return items due to your mistake while entering the details during checkout or you are unable to be contacted by the courier on the delivery attempt, only 50% of partial refund of the total order monetary value will be credited into your wallet or bank account (please refer item 1.2 for details) while the balance of 50% will be considered as our time and labor compensation. PLEASE MAKE SURE YOUR DELIVERY DETAILS IS ACCURATE AND YOU OR ANYBODY IS APPLICABLE TO RECEIVE THE ORDER DURING DELIVERY ATTEMPT.


3.1 – 100% order value will be refunded to your Wallet or bank account (please refer item 1.2 for details) if the items you ordered were damaged/missing due to mishandling of the courier. You must given any supporting document but not limited such as:

  • picture and videos before you unboxing the items once it delivered to you
  • proof of written document from the courier personnel but not limited to such as screenshots of whatsapp conversation
  • any other supporting document that may be used to proceed with the refund process

You are automatically agreed and to be bounded to this policy once you place your paid order in this website

This document was last updated on November 7, 2023

1st revision: August 28, 2023

2nd revision: September 22, 2023

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