About Wallet and Points

Finzol Souq has introduced Wallet & Points as additional customer benefits

Finzol Wallet

  1. You can use your wallet fund to purchase certain special items and also can be use to deduct overall purchase value when checkout
  2. You may gain your wallet fund via Cashback when your purchase has been completed.
  3. You may also receive fund as per mentioned in our Cancellation/Return & Refund policy

Finzol Reward Points

  1. Finzol Points will be rewarded to your registered account when you completed a purchase in this website with the said account
  2. The Points may also be rewarded but not limited to if you have participated any programs/events/promotions held by us in this website in future
  3. You may use the points to deduct overall purchase value during checkout
  4. Points gained will be expired in 90 days and you may receive a reminder email before your points expired
  5. In occurrences of Reward Points rewarded other than your completed purchase, the expiry of the points rewarded may be shorter or longer depends on the additional Terms & Conditions stated for the occurrences

This document was last updated on September 22, 2023

1st Revision: August 28, 2023

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