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Engine / Motor Flush Lubrimaxx

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Isipadu: 350ml – boleh dicampur sehingga 4 L engine oil

Cara guna:

  1. Pastikan enjin dalam keadaan panas (operating temperature)
  2. Tambahkan engine flush ini pada  minyak enjin yang lama
  3. Biarkan enjin hidup sekitar 10 – 20 minit
  4. Matikan enjin & buang minyak hitam lama yang sudah bercampur dengan engine flush
  5. Masukkan minyak enjin baharu


Disarankan menggunakan Lubrimaxx Engine Flush setiap 10,000km mileage untuk prestasi yang cemerlang pada enjin kenderaan anda. Sila semak buku manual anda untuk informasi yang lebih tepat berkenaan model kenderaan anda


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  • LUBRIMAXX ENGINE FLUSH contains a cleaning and detergent agent that removes the layers of carbon sludge that coat the internal
    components of engines after some years of use.


  • LUBRIMAXX ENGINE FLUSH prolongs engine life by removing sludge deposits that block oil filters and passage ways. If left untreated,
    lubrication is reduced to the main and big end bearings as well as to the valve train in overhead camshaft engines.
    This condition is often caused by infrequent servicing and stop/start driving or may be an inherent engine design problem.
    Under these conditions, combustion by-products pass the piston rings into the sump creating a gum like product that is
    difficult to remove.


  • LUBRIMAXX ENGINE FLUSH should be added to a hot engine and allowed to run for 10 minutes to thoroughly circulate throughout the
    engine. Drain the used oil and replace with new oil and a new filter.


  • LUBRIMAXX ENGINE FLUSH does not affect seals or gaskets and is compostable with all motor oil.





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